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Adventist Place

Designed especially for churches without a tech savvy webmaster, Adventist Place website builder enables basic computer users to easily create and manage a simple church website. This service is available for entities in the South Pacific Division

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Local SEO

What are some of the simplest things you can do to make sure your church gets found when people search for “churches near me” or “church in ____” or “local church”? Follow the tips in this article to get your church started in local SEO

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Social Media How To Resources

17 Types of Content to Post on Social Media

If you’re the communication director or the media ministry leader at your church, you may rack your brain each week wondering what to post on your church’s social media accounts. Or you may be the church pastor wondering how to encourage your communication ministry leaders. You know you want to get more engagement and you… Continue Reading…

How to Improve Your Church’s Social Media Presence

Do you wonder how to improve your church’s online presence? Do you spend a great deal of time creating and posting content online for your church but you’re still left wondering if anyone sees it or if it’s making a meaningful difference? Do you find yourself in board meetings staring at blank faces that just…Continue Reading…

How to Use Facebook Groups to Grow Your Ministry, Church or Business

When you’re looking to grow your audience, increase your reach or get more eyes on the content you’re creating, Facebook groups are a great way to give you some much needed exposure.  The problem is figuring out how to expand your reach while finding the right audience, adhering to the group’s rules and connecting the Continue Reading…

Having a “Call to Action” Can Revolutionise Your Church’s Digital Presence

What is a call to action? You’ve probably come across them all the time. A call to action is asking someone to do something online. It’s the pop-up on a website asking you to subscribe or the message telling you to re-tweet or the bot popping up in the lower right-hand corner looking to interact…Continue Reading…

Content Resources

When you’re setting up your church’s content calendar, you may be wondering what you can share on your church’s social media accounts and website. Check out some of the websites below to discover content you can share.

Signs Magazine

Signs of the Times is a monthly magazine focused on current issues, wholistic health and authentic Christian faith.

Contact: Signs Magazine Website

Signs Magazine Facebook

Signs Magazine Podcast is the resource website of the Australian Union Conference. Website

Trans-Pacific Union Mission is the resource website of the Trans-Pacific Union Mission

TPUM Website

Mums at the Table

Mums at the Table is a platform for real women having real conversations about real issues.

Website: Mums at the Table Website

Facebook: Mums at the Table Facebook

This is the resource site for the Discipleship ministries of NZPUC

Papua New Guinea Union Mission

This is the resource site for the Discipleship ministries of PNGUM

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