3 Things to Forget When Presenting on Camera

1. Forget to Be Self-Conscious

There is an audience behind the camera who is looking at you and responding to you. Self-consciousness is a heightened state of worrying about your hair and your makeup. Don’t overthink about your space, what people are thinking of you. Don’t over-focus on yourself. Focus on the message. The camera is a means to you having a conversation. Imagine ourselves talking to a person and having a personal conversation. There is a certain level of self-consciousness that’ natural and normal.

2. Forget the Constraints on Your Ability to Speak

We spend a lot of time thinking about the constraints. WE need to think of our ability to communicate an idea regardless of the medium. We need to ask, “How do I bring my skill to bear regardless of the space we find ourselves in”. The digital space is limiting and limitless. Communicators needs to think about how they use their gifts in this space. The constraints can drive innovation.

3. Forget about Being the Perfect Communicator

If you only try to be a perfect communicator, you won’t allow space for your humanity. This isn’t about excellence this is about constantly. The goal of communication is clarity and transparency and authenticity and honesty. You’re communicating life and you’re communicating the life of Someone Else.

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