Church Ideas & Examples

As your church is analysing the needs of its community, you can review how various churches have decided to approach ministering in the online space. You can learn from their online presence, how they are meeting the needs of their community and learning and adapting to the online space.

Kellyville Church

Kellyville, NSW, AUSTRALIA

Kellyville Church is located in the northwest suburbs of Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. They organise their church service to begin at 10 AM. This is then followed by small-group Bible studies referred to as Connect Groups. The Connect Groups meet on Zoom and are advertised at the end of the live streamed church service as well as in the church’s weekly newsletter.

Kellyville Church records its church services and premieres them on Sabbath morning to Youtube, Facebook and the Church Online Platform.

An online hospitality team is rostered each week to serves church attendees by welcoming them to the service, engaging with points during the service and inviting them to the church’s various calls to action, like requests for prayer.


Online Service:

Navua Church

Suva, FIJI

When the Granville Fijian Church, located in the suburbs of Sydney, Australia, was limited in meeting together due to COVID-19 restrictions, the Navua Church, which is located in Suva, Fiji, invited Granville Church to join with them during their Adventist Youth Service via Zoom.

The church members in Navua Church gathered together in person and projected the screen of the Zoom meeting with members from the Granville Fijian church on the screen at the front of the church.

Members from both churches were able to contribute collectively to the service. This showed a great example of how churches can work together to help meet each others needs and provide support for one another.

Facebook: Navua Facebook Page

Rosny Church


Rosny Church is located in Rosny, Tasmania, Australia. In order to match the demands of live streaming to the capacity of the media team, Rosny Church decided to fully live stream its service, from start to finish, once per month.

The other Sabbaths during the month, they live stream the sermon. This has allowed the Church to allow a larger portion of membership to be involved in taking part in presenting the services.

Website: Rosny Website

Facebook: Rosny Facebook Page

Youtube: Rosny Youtube

June Valley Church

June Valley, PNG

June Valley Church is located in an urban area of Papua New Guinea called June Valley. June Valley is one of the first churches in the area to have the capability to livestream its services.

Because of this ability, even prior to COVID-19 lockdowns, June Valley often live streamed major services and program to other churches to support them in their efforts to share special speakers, programs and information.

They have also been involved in teaching and training other churches in the area on how to engage with live stream technology.

Facebook: June Valley Facebook

Peoria Church

Peoria, IL, USA

Pastor Matthew Lucio shares an interesting perspective about the physical church buildings being used as creative centres.

Our church in Peoria had a library. We decided to cut down on the number of books and move the library to another space.

We used the new room in the old library to build a studio for podcasting and for recording videos.

Then we wondered, what if we allowed people to have access to the studio and the equipment and we could help them launch. What if the church became a place for becoming.

I think the church has an important mission to our community but we also miss the responsibility and privilege of developing the people we already have. Churches are people factories and becoming factories. We want to grow people.

Check out the video below to dive deeper into Pr Lucio’s full thoughts making churches into creative centres.

Website: Peoria Website

Facebook: Peoria Church Facebook

Youtube: Peoria Youtube Channel

Noumea Church

Noumea, New Caledonia

Noumea Church has its church service in the morning and then the church members tend to go home and have lunch with their families. Then, in the afternoon, people hop on Zoom from their homes to attend a Sabbath School class.

This arrangement has allowed members to experience more flexibility and has allowed Noumea Church to accomodate for the needs of the members.

Hamilton Church


At the end of 2019, Hamilton Church felt they needed to hire someone with the skills to operate in the digital space. Around this time, they also set a new vision for the church. They decided they wanted to be a “Major Christian Influence in Hamilton”. This involved engaging in four ways:

  1. Connect People to Christ
  2. Love People
  3. Serve Others
  4. Build Leaders

Everything got a bit derailed when COVID-19 hit, so Hamilton Church asked God “How are you still trying to get us to carry out our mission through digital?”

They asked themselves, “How do we carry out this new vision now in the online space?”

Since then, they have decided to carry out their original mission through in-person and digital interactions. They do things like live streaming church services, building an online community that expands beyond their church, engaging in get-to-know-you posts online.

Hamiton Church has also seen that they can build leaders online by engaging people who previously who wouldn’t have engaged and participated up front in an in-person setting.

They feel God is continuing to press online engagement on their hearts. Even when meeting physically they’ve continued with digital space.

They are using the digital space to fulfil the mission God has put on their heart.

Facebook: Hamilton Facebook Page

Website: Hamilton Website

Manna Park Church


Manna Park Church has engaged with Digital Discipleship in a consultation process to help them set-up their strategy, content calendar and team dynamics.

They have begun to use more calls to action and they have engaged in the Digital Discipleship Challenge within their local congregation.

While they are still learning and growing, they have begun the journey to be more intentional online.

Website: Manna Park Website

Facebook: Manna Park Facebook

Portoroiki Church

Port Vila, VANUATU

Portoroiki Church needed a way to continue to engage with its membership during lockdown and one of their members was well equipped to help the local church. Rodney Philemon, a businessman who deals with live streaming, stepped forward to lend his skills to the church.

How can your church members use some of the professional skills they have to help carry forward the work of your church?

Facebook: Portoroiki Facebook