Manna Park Consultation

First Meeting with Esther-Shahn Pedersen on 17 July 2020

Name of Church: Manna Park SDA Church 

Location: Runciman, New Zealand. Esther-Shahn describes it as a semi-rural area that is developing and will be more developed over the years. You can see the church from the motorway

Who attends the Church: Mostly families. There is a good mix of age groups. The oldest member is 102 and the youngest is a couple of months old. The church runs Pathfinder and Adventurers

What do you currently do in the digital space? Currently, they livestream on Facebook. They also have a Google My Business account (which they set up after the 2019 Digital Discipleship Conference in New Zealand) and a website. When it comes to the website, they struggle to know what to put as content. There is recent outdoor signage that has been put up.  There is a Youtube Channel but it’s kind of dead.  They are currently using it for messages and updates. Also have a private Facebook group

Do you livestream? Yes, they currently have one camera that’s permanently set up on a tripod by the sound desk.

Do you have a process around your livestream? People comment but there isn’t much process

Do you have a communication team? Yes

What do they want to accomplish? To try to do what we do better.

What skills do you have on the team? Esther-Shahn’s husband and another person work on the website. Three people look for content on Facebook.

What communication do you presently have at the church? There is a Church newsletter and a church bulletin. Manna Park deliberately went back to bulletins after lockdown. They found it’s useful for the elderly as well as new people. The back page has activities for children as well

What ministries does your church currently have? CHIP 1x / year (but won’t run it this year), Club CHIP  1x / month (for those who have completed CHIP already), Floorball indoor game, Pathfinders & Adventurers

Have you seen the impact of the online space? Yes, someone came to visit last week after Googling them and finding them online

Do you understand your mission statement and how digital fits into it? We’ll come back to this question later when we have more information

Is there a journey you want people to take online? Not yet