8 Ideas for Using Your Church’s Electronic Signage

Within the last few years, Seventh-day Adventist churches in the South Pacific Division have begun adopting electronic signage outside of their church buildings. Because of the capability of the signage, there is the opportunity to display messaging. When deciding on what to display on the signage, you and your team may find yourselves at a loss about what to display. Tracey Bridcutt, Communication Director of the South Pacific Division share several idea on how the signage can be used.

  • To promote regular church activities, eg. kids’ club, vegetarian cooking classes, Bible seminars, food pantry
  • To advertise special events, eg. Christmas carols, Easter service
  • To promote the church’s Sabbath worship times
  • To showcase Bible verses
  • To promote the church’s Facebook page and/or website
  • To invite the community to join your worship service
  • To feature hope-filled, inspiring messages/”Thought of the Week” 
  • To display engaging images/videos that point people to Jesus

To learn more about the Church’s branding guidelines, you can visit:

South Pacific Division Branding Guidelines

General Conference of Seventh-day Adventist Church Branding Guidelines

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