What Are Churches Struggling With Right Now?

In September 2020, we asked many of you, “What’s your biggest challenge right now in ministering online.” At that time, we received 34 responses that we’ve shared below.

If you want to join in this discussion, you can answer the question using the following link: “What’s your biggest challenge right now in ministering online?”

Victoria, Australia

Finding expert website builders that are more than just hobby wordpress template users. People that can create professional quick loading and interactive websites as well as coding unique elements into a site.

Honiara, Solomon Islands

Content and digital tools

Trinidad and Tobago

Reaching the unchurched in our location virtually.


Not every one in my church are on line or are using internet. Only few youths and adults. Their activity on line is once a while only depending on their access to internet data. They may love to be online but only when they have money to pay for data. Having a constant income is a challenge and many do not know how to find their way around to access the internet and use it for discipleship. They use mobile phones for calls only and SMS and some use Facebook or IMO, but they are not frequent users. Many are just too busy with their work and have no time to spend with social media and the internet. They need to be trained and educated.

Victoria, Australia

Copyrighted content. Worship hosts historically rely heavily on media content (typically sourced from YouTube; video songs & other inspirational type) to include in the pre-sermon part of the program. With the possibility of YouTube axing content clips, or enforcing infringement strikes, they have opted to continue to host worship services within Zoom environment (which stifles outreach potential). Worked around this for now by publishing Zoom details on Socials, but not effective (imho)

Papua New Guinea

Convincing the older generation of the church’s leadership of the use of digital media

Brisbane, Australia

To build an App for church members. Is it possible to Zoom and chat about this?

Auckland, New Zealand

Getting buy-in and support from the “programmes-oriented” Board, which is disappointed given the wonderful, motivated, Video & Multimedia Productions Team we have assembled, and the roll-out (self & private funded) of modern, video & multimedia assets.

South Australia, Australia

Getting the church to understand the need for us to to jump on the bandwagon of digital discipleship – especially in our day and age.

Auckland, New Zealand

All energy is ministering to existing people and learning technology. How do we step back and get a bigger picture to reach beyond the borders of “church people” and structure our ministry and content accordingly?

Victoria, Australia

E-mail marketing

Honiara, Solomon Islands

Basic setup / equipment to help my church go online

Sydney, Australia

Inspiring and training our church family to personally evangelize through social media ie., to become Christian “influencers” for Jesus.

Sydney, Australia

How to raise and optimize our church’s online presence now that we have decided to discontinue our church app, which no longer offers value for money.

Auckland, New Zealand

Stay connected to each other as one via digital platform. Still in the learning process or not confident enough to step up in a position is not yours.

Newcastle, Australia

Lack of knowledge and experience in using technology to ministering online.

Indiana, USA

Funding for Adventist Digital Marketing services

Florida, USA

Engaging and retaining our guests so we can invite to Bible study.


Having our young people join us.

Sydney, Australia

Viewership is dropping. Need more information about the downward trend and how we can improve our reach.

Queensland, Australia

Our biggest challenge, which we are currently working on, is getting our “non-Zoom” members connected with the rest of us (we have an ageing demographic).

I believe we have a workable solution. This involves allowing our non-Zoom members to worship physically at the church building while the rest of us join in on Zoom.

Apart from that, we’re doing alright.

Indiana, USA

I need $2,588 for Digital Marketing services for one year from an Adventist marketing firm.

Puerto Rico

By the grace of Jesus, We are conected with the apps Facebook live, Zoom and Youtube.


Regional churches doing church the way they did in a church, minus the music. It needs to be different to capture and/or keep the audience

New Zealand

Ideas from our own church mumbers on what we can minister online. What do we do well in our church , what will this look like? Having that conversation.

Sydney, Australia

Being relevant to young people online and current issues. We cant always livestream our order of service every sabbath. Also need to check ur online analytics to improve.

New Zealand

Have a plan that is a cohesive and consistent journey especially when it comes to reaching new people

New Zealand

Not doing church as a livestream/Zoom version of the way we do it normally when in church.

Brisbane, Australia

How to set up and maintain a church web page.


Creating relevant content and improving setup for sharing video content

New Zealand

Nothing really

Papua New Guinea/Auckland, New Zealand

Knowing what is the right thing to post – content-wise and statements

So, What’s Next?

Well, if you saw something you identified with, then good! You know you’re not alone – you’re not the only one struggling with that problem. You can also get a bigger picture of what’s happening in the online church landscape.

For our part, we’ll use this information to drive our content, resources and live streams. And, if you have any solutions to the problems listed, contact us at digitaldisciples [at] adventist.org.au and share the idea with us.

8 Ideas for Using Your Church’s Electronic Signage

Within the last few years, Seventh-day Adventist churches in the South Pacific Division have begun adopting electronic signage outside of their church buildings. Because of the capability of the signage, there is the opportunity to display messaging. When deciding on what to display on the signage, you and your team may find yourselves at a loss about what to display. Tracey Bridcutt, Communication Director of the South Pacific Division share several idea on how the signage can be used.

  • To promote regular church activities, eg. kids’ club, vegetarian cooking classes, Bible seminars, food pantry
  • To advertise special events, eg. Christmas carols, Easter service
  • To promote the church’s Sabbath worship times
  • To showcase Bible verses
  • To promote the church’s Facebook page and/or website
  • To invite the community to join your worship service
  • To feature hope-filled, inspiring messages/”Thought of the Week” 
  • To display engaging images/videos that point people to Jesus

To learn more about the Church’s branding guidelines, you can visit:

South Pacific Division Branding Guidelines

General Conference of Seventh-day Adventist Church Branding Guidelines

3 Things to Forget When Presenting on Camera

1. Forget to Be Self-Conscious

There is an audience behind the camera who is looking at you and responding to you. Self-consciousness is a heightened state of worrying about your hair and your makeup. Don’t overthink about your space, what people are thinking of you. Don’t over-focus on yourself. Focus on the message. The camera is a means to you having a conversation. Imagine ourselves talking to a person and having a personal conversation. There is a certain level of self-consciousness that’ natural and normal.

2. Forget the Constraints on Your Ability to Speak

We spend a lot of time thinking about the constraints. WE need to think of our ability to communicate an idea regardless of the medium. We need to ask, “How do I bring my skill to bear regardless of the space we find ourselves in”. The digital space is limiting and limitless. Communicators needs to think about how they use their gifts in this space. The constraints can drive innovation.

3. Forget about Being the Perfect Communicator

If you only try to be a perfect communicator, you won’t allow space for your humanity. This isn’t about excellence this is about constantly. The goal of communication is clarity and transparency and authenticity and honesty. You’re communicating life and you’re communicating the life of Someone Else.

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